su rasymu yra totalus suletejimas, poperiuj tai viskas yra, bet va acpausdint ramiai ner kaip. tai dabar grynau darau cut and paste.

Still feeling frazzled from the December whirlwind of holiday shopping,
gift giving, and parties? Already burned out by extra hours at the
office in the New Year? Tired of spending more time in traffic than you
do with your family and friends?

It’s not too late to slow down and renew your intentions for a saner,
more mindful way of life in 2007. If you’re ready to experiment with a
different, more fulfilling rhythm, join us in celebrating the second

 (o cia nauji metai bus si savaitgali. seni nauji metai, kaip jie sako. zodziu, kaip pradejau  sezona gruodzio vidury, tai dar negaliu pabaigti niekaip. )  

For one week, instead of running to catch the bus or zipping in and out
of traffic, try walking to work. Instead of grabbing take-out on the
way home, cook a meal with your family. Leave the TV and computer off,
and play an old-fashioned board game, or just sit and catch up with
family and friends. If possible, take a day off work — and then while it
away with a long walk and an afternoon nap.

For some humorous inspiration, check out our Slow Down Week animation at


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