Sirens or illegal falafel

Memorial day. Sirens. For Israeli soldiers. All traffic stops. Everyone stops. Emotional. Tears in the eyes of people.

One of the weirdest phenomena. Aggressors manage to feel easily as victims. Germany after the first world war leading to the Nazi regime. Serbia. Israel. Severe problems with self esteem. Symptoms here – unimaginable arrogance against anything beyond the boarder. Showing off. Taking too many showers.

Not the enemy, but the image of an enemy is what counts. Most Israelis, and to my surprise also left wing ones, dont know and dont mingle with Arabs. Two worlds. Side by side. Interaction and communication takes place only with bullets.

Two little Jewish girls in the Old Town in Jerusalem are being followed by a body guard  equiped with a heavy machine gun. The houses nearby have been overtaken by Jewish from the Arabs. It would go like this, that they would come with the fake ownership papers, get the Arabs out, and be sure, that the court will never do anything about this.

This is the place where the is no white and black. There are no good or bad guys. Not among ones or the others. No saints in this game. Neither on Palestinian, nor on Israeli side. And not the ones who tried to save this place from something – Christian Orthodox could have tried to promote balance between the population, but the ruling point is fiscal calculation. The church sold enourmous land and real estate in Jerusalem to the ones who offered more money. As simple as that. And these were Jewish.

It is by law that every class of children has to be guarded by someone with the gun. The ones who carry the thing are maybe 18. Children themselves.

All, men and women are obliged to go to the army for two years. Except the Arabic Israelis.

All perfect strategies to create an enemy. And maintain the illusion, that everyone is individual here. Brainwash? What is it? We are in a free democratic country.

We were hungry on the memorial day. Even if I respect every persons sorrow, I am strictly against these kind of memorial days, since they are a clear tool of manipulation of peoples emotions in a directions that is wanted by the ones in the power. We went to Jaffa, an Arabic district of Tel Aviv to find something to eat. The streets full of police, controlling also that all shops and inns are closed. We were lucky. One restaurant unlocked. We got inside. They locked again. Windows covered with paper.

There was a period few years ago, during the Zuokas rule, when it was illegal to ride a bike in Vilnius or ride skates. The easiest way to sell cameras because of the increased criminality. Making eating a falafel illegal one can increase criminality even more. Those dirty Arabs they say. And receive billions from US for weapons and cameras.

Arabs gave us food that night.


2 Responses to “Sirens or illegal falafel”

  1. Jo, smegenu plovimas. Pernai visai netycia myniau su dvirka centre ir pataikiau i karini parada. Nu tai panasu labai. Pamenu galvojau, ko cia tie zmones taip pakiliai ir dziaugsmingai nusiteike. Ar del to, kad mato kaulu lauzymo, smegenu traiskymo ir zarnu draskymo masinas gatvem vaziuojancias? Ar jie cia suleke panasiai kaip prie avarijose sudauzytu masinu ir zmoniu lekia minios? Bjauru.

  2. Vis mini falafelius. Tai nuejau pasiskaityti i wiki ir ka randu:
    “The originally Arabic dish became popular in Israel; it is often referred to as the national dish of Israel”. Panasu, kad ne tik zeme ir vandeni savo nuosavyben perima.

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