Games and Bread

You might ask yourself already, why she got stuck there, in Caucasus? I realised while traveling, that in becomes borring at some point not being involved in some bigger schemes. It is not a very big one, but small is also cool. Was running all month long to get funds, and finaly – got!

Tomorrow early in the morning I will be leaving my cosy place in Tbilisi and will go for three month in the villages in Georgia. The plan is to employ people there as photographers. Instead of taking pictures myself, I am carrying several disposable cameras and looking there for people who will want to take pics of themselves. It is about minorities. Dukhobory, Azeri, kurdish Yezidi, muslim Georgians… They say, there are 56 ethnicities living in Georgia.

I feel like a troubadour, bringing people what they long for. Instead of songs of troubadours I will bring some kind of bread and games, duonos ir zaidimu! The cameras will be a game part and the bread part is that they will be payed for their work.  

Will write after a considerable break now I guess. But you can write an sms +995 93 26 73 54 and I will write back!

Good summer. Geros vasaros.


2 Responses to “Games and Bread”

  1. Nu ka, gero kelio tada ir lauksim naujienu ir garsu.

  2. Kaip sekasi darbas rinkti nuotraukas? Ar vis dar esi Gruzijoje?

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