Berlin and stuck diplomas

I am tired of traveling. I thought a library for the winter would be cool to have around. So I found an incredibly interesting course in TU in Berlin and decided to enroll myself there. And yes, I realised I might be a victim of the untranlatable German phenomena called “Torschlusspanik” – the feeling of panic one has, when the gates are closing in front of her. Not really that I would panic, I just thought, it would be nice to go to study again.

My diploma, original, had to reach my beloved friend and cousin, coming all way from Lithuania. She would then bring the thing to the office in the university, since the university does not accept originals sent by mail.

When she finally went to the postoffice, they said since no one came to pick it up within one week, they sent it back. Back where? Somewhere in Lithuania?

The deadline came. Diploma was somewhere in the air between Berlin and Lithuania. The university office said, they cannot make any exceptions. They would not wait.

So, no Berlin. But what then? Winters in Caucasus are harsh and cold, I will not do this again. I guess the answer will come by itself.


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