My pendulum said I should not eat bread, a duduk player told me.

Hm. But how do you ask her? ( I was not sure if pendulum was masculin or feminin. Intuitivelly I would say feminin.)

You just have to ask, he said.


First you ask, where is YES, and were is NO. Then you can ask questions just to see if it works, like am I a woman or am I a man.


He pulled out a carabin tied on a string.

I remembered I had a carabin on my keys. Just have to find the string. And then to ask, where should I go.

But you have to be specific.

Like this? :

Should I learn to build yurtas in Mongolia?

Should I get an IT job in India?

Should I go to sleep now?

I guess it says YES. Good night.


4 Responses to “Pendulum”

  1. yes, like that.

    i have your string.

  2. ur music.
    saves me.
    thank u kendi.

  3. darius.damalakas Says:

    good night 🙂

  4. candycactus Says:

    i cant believe erte is not there anymore.
    in virtuality people seem to keep existing as ghosts
    erte died few weeks after he did this comment..
    it is so different to miss people when they are not there anymore
    constructivists say, it is all a construct in your mind – erte stays there

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