Hundred Miles of Silence

“Where are you off to?”
“I don’t know,” Snufkin replied.
The door shut again and Snufkin entered his forest, with a hundred miles of silence ahead of him.

November – Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, mosquitonet, bike, no return ticket and hundred miles of silence

11 Responses to “Hundred Miles of Silence”

  1. daniela Says:

    ich hatte auch mal vor diesen winter nach laos zu fahren…
    wünsch dir eine gute zeit!

  2. sanmi Says:

    Ich ebenfalls mit meiner Liebe Seelenpartner und Ehemann Jhno

  3. well, if you all come indeed, then it looks as potentially big meeting in laos..! by chance I found out that some friends of mine, couple on wheels who call themselves velomads are also in that part of the earth, it looks that we are going to meet over there

  4. daniela Says:

    yeah, sure, let’s all meet there and sing an ode to the golden triangle

  5. mergaite su smelio sauja Says:


    atradau cia tave del to kad perduociau tau fraze, kuria atradau platybese:

    As a woman, I have no country. As a woman I want no country. As a woman, my country is The whole world.
    Virginia Woolf, Three Guineas, 1938.

  6. Hello dearest Evelina,

    I had no idea that you are also wandering around my favourite part of this world – south east asia… I am also preparing for some serious traveling down there – see . Will you be around? till when? share some stories?


  7. Armin Says:

    Hallo Evelyna,
    ja das ist eine gute Ecke, freue mich für Dich.
    Bist Du komplett “querbeet” gefahren????

    Hier ganz normale Zeiten. Neues Baby im Mai,
    Umzug für ein Jahr nach Polen, Tango, Tango, Tango,

    Wünsche Dir Glück zum finden


  8. Pugaciova Says:

    Hey alio!

    kaip kruti? dedu galva, jog pas jumi silciau negu cia. Mane liudina tas amzinas isalas ir neaiskus oras, bet vardan globalinio atsilimo galiu iskentet!

  9. travelony Says:

    Hello Evelina – I am jumping into northern Laos from Vietnam on 15 February – will you be still around in Laos? Where. I’ll be moving from Udomxai, down to Luang Prabang and then Vientiane. Send me an email on my tony_geudens at email if you wanna meet up somewhere. That would be soooo surreal 😉 Greetz, Tony

  10. -dN. Says:

    Fantastika! Buvau porai metų palikusi CandyCactus… Ir aš vis dar negaliu atsižavėti ir atsidžiaugti tavo laisvės polėkiu, potraukiu ir atsidavimu!
    Kažkur… Ir aš šalia. Bet netrukdau. bent jau stengiuosi netrukdyti.
    O kažkada gal susitikusios išgersime čiobrelių arbatos ir stebėsim į lietuvišką ežerą besileidžiančią saulę…

  11. hey all of you, sorry for not responding so much, ehem. hundreds miles of silence are just overwhelming, so that one does not speak much in the end..!

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