Learn Languages Ridiculously Fast and Easy. A short guide

  • Listen to the radio speaking the language you want to learn. Listen without stressing yourself, as if it would be music, all this talking you don’t understand. Keep the radio on when you do other things. After a while you will start distinguishing words. Easy, just use tunein app for all stations
  • When you distinguish a word, look up in the google translator. You can save your search
  • Buy a newspaper in this language. Try to find words that you understand. Put down other words that you are curious about.
  • Try to discern regularities. Read the newspaper aloud. Play with it like a child, maybe read it upside down, but do not let others notice it. Playing is somewhat illegal in our societies.
  • Find people you like who live in that language. It is important that you like them. Travel to that place. If you do not have money, go as a helpx or workaway helper. If you have no time, but money, quit your job and do the same. Return there several times for stronger synapsis connections.
  • Languages do not enter your mind if you are in stress. Take it easy. Drink wine with people who live in that language. Fall in love with somebody who speaks that language.
  • Find songs in the language of your choice.
  • Find a name for yourself from that language.
  • Find a book that you read when you were 12 in language of your choice. Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain? You need some text that is not difficult and that you know already what is the story more or less.
  • Play.

It works for me. Does it for you?

If you want to learn Basque in that style, check this out:  https://www.facebook.com/learningbasque


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