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Album “BACK”

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Although into totally different musical endeavours now, I decided to publish my old recordings from 2003-2006. Enjoy

New Cactus Song: Medžiu

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Medžiu  (listen clicking on this link)

gal norėtum augt ir tu

gal norėtum būt medžiu

vėjui lizdą ištaisyt

vanago sapnų klausyt

lapai žemėj ir žuvy

debesys žuvies aky

duona pievos akmeny

sniegas krosny ir širdy

pievos pilkos akmenų

aprašytų gludinų

nežinau aš kur einu

ką kuriu ir ką turiu

pasakykit ar jau čia

gal pavirsti man varle

laukti laumžirgio minties

sparno lobio ir praeities

Music for THEATER PIECE that does not EXIST

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Mari constructed an instrument and named it “caixinha”, a small box with guitar strings, played with chop sticks. Recorded this on the river Lapao in Lencois (Bahia, Brazil) with sounds of water and me with Armenian duduk, which is sort of an ancient clarinet, and later added some stuff.

Do you know any theater director who would like to use this music? Maybe the theater piece exists after all?




Is Christmas with Mango still Christmas?

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I am not so sure.  Lencois, a town of diamond miners in Chapada Diamantina (Brazil) seems like a hot oven, where you existentially can understand, what it means to be “bahiano”, somebody from Bahia, famous for being less active for the rest of the world (not use the word “lazy”). The world did not finish on 21st of December, but it is definitely finishing. Dry trees. No rain. Tourist coming still in and not noticing the changes, because yes – they were not here before. What am I doing here? Ehmmm. Probably as many other people here looking for peace and quite, away from buzzing buses and robberies and shootings. I will understand later, I think. But now I just know that I miss snow. I terribly miss snow. Here is my song for you and the snow all over the place. This song is called Prieblanda, means dusk. Lyrics by my adored H. Radauskas. Music by me and Jhno. Click and listen. Merry Christmas.


Interpretation of “A Felicidade”

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home alone with a piano. missing something from brazil, maybe portuguese language. here is the track with a flavor of lithuanian depression: A Felicidade

Song for Piano

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I am staying in a place with a beautiful old Roenisch piano that overwhelmed me with it’s clunkiness that I recorded this:

Song for Piano


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So, using the precious time having internet connection (before going into the wilds without it) I managed to update, putting a gallery with pictures from Granada. Almost everyday I happen to post a sound recording (a “Sound Letter”) to Soundcloud. I am not sure if it makes sense, but I imagine it could be eventually nice to make a podcast just from the sounds that I record. With no words, just sounds. What do you think? I enjoy them so much – with all the beautiful dissonances of known and unknown artists.

There are so many things to tell that I still keep silent.