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Monte Makalimba

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Noodling around with kalimba, laptop, duduk in the mountains and enjoying it all. Here is another track for GranaDADA album: Monte-makalimba

Download all the album GranaDADA here:

And pictures


Balcony and Dreams

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This is the sound of Cactus with duduk and Matias Scapa – a vagabond from Uruguay – with voice and guitar in the streets of Granada

Remains of the Past

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a song we have written together with jhno while cycling in south east asia, remixed by jhno

Caucasian Brazilian Fusion

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back in Tbilisi, Georgia – the amazing, craziest, most surreal spot in the World.. A place where subconscious is all played out: people love, kill, steal, give everything to you, disappear as in a dream and come back transformed with stories of things that can happen for anyone in the rest of the world only in a dream…

Also back in Anna’s cellar in Barnova, again recording music. Here is the fruit of music recording last night (demo): a classical Brazilian song “Aguas de Marco” with Armenian duduk, Georgian panduri and Indian tampuri..!

version of “Agua De Beber”

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Black version of Tom Jobim’s “Agua De Beber” – coctail of Brazil, Armenia and cactus, since it Armenian duduk and JHNO with strings in the background

Another naive piece of music

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Pora puodukų kavos ir nakties valandų ramybėje ir įrašiau štai tokį gabalėlį:

Pasikalbėjau su dievais

Ir vėl į žemę sugrįžau

Ir vaikštau skersgatviais kreivais,

Ir vėl eilėraščius rašau.

Danguj saulėlydis geltonas,

O aš į žemę sugrįžtu,

Kur groja senas patefonas

Ir kvepia liepos ties paštu.

H. Radauskas

2 min muzikos tai atrodo labai juokingai prisiklausius indiškų ar arabiškų gabalų, kurie tęsiasi valandomis 🙂


Few cups coffee, few solitary hours in the night and recorded another piece:

Talked to gods

But now I’ m back to earth

Strolling in the crooked streets

And writing poems again.

In the sky – yellow sunset

and I’m coming back to earth

Where the old gramophone is playing and

The linden trees smell good along the post.

(H. Radauskas)

2 min of music seems so naive and funny after listening of listening to Indian and Arabic music, where a piece might go several hours.. 🙂

Remix of “JEI”

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Jhno remixed “JEI”, instrumental version….