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Here is finally a Sleep Signal (our project) track on youtube

Sleep Signal Album: Puppenruhe

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Steven Kovar and me (Sleep Signal) just released our first short album to the poetry of a Lithuanian Berlin poet and painter Aldona Gustas (1932).

Music to Indonesian Poetry & Google Translator

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It is quite a piece of art what google translator produces translating Indonesian Poetry. 

Here is a sound to this peculiar poetry: 


Hours street. I do not know what the fate of the future? 

The young men of the elders nimble drive, 


Her dream of independence of the stars 

certainty for keeping my side of this dead area 

I love the people who dare to live 

I love the people interviewed in the night 

Perfumed night dream, forfeit dust 

Hours street. I do not know what the fate of the future!



Here is the original 



Waktu jalan. Aku tidak tahu apa nasib waktu ?

Pemuda-pemuda yang lincah yang tua-tua keras,

bermata tajam

Mimpinya kemerdekaan bintang-bintangnya

kepastian ada di sisiku selama menjaga daerah mati ini

Aku suka pada mereka yang berani hidup

Aku suka pada mereka yang masuk menemu malam

Malam yang berwangi mimpi, terlucut debu

Waktu jalan. Aku tidak tahu apa nasib waktu!


by Puisi Chairil Anwar

Music for THEATER PIECE that does not EXIST

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Mari constructed an instrument and named it “caixinha”, a small box with guitar strings, played with chop sticks. Recorded this on the river Lapao in Lencois (Bahia, Brazil) with sounds of water and me with Armenian duduk, which is sort of an ancient clarinet, and later added some stuff.

Do you know any theater director who would like to use this music? Maybe the theater piece exists after all?




No Name Picture

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Interpretation of “A Felicidade”

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home alone with a piano. missing something from brazil, maybe portuguese language. here is the track with a flavor of lithuanian depression: A Felicidade


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solo quatro bolivianitos la sopa, estádo plurinacional y viceministerio de decolonizatión, bloquéo en la carretera a cochabamba, llueve, en serio que en lituania no hablan ingles?, señora, dame una ensalada de frutas, por favor, sube amiga, na más, cafesito sólo trés bolivianitos


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Made a short film with people in flow:

Monte Makalimba

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Noodling around with kalimba, laptop, duduk in the mountains and enjoying it all. Here is another track for GranaDADA album: Monte-makalimba

Download all the album GranaDADA here:

And pictures


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Have you ever wondered what all this progress is for?
To make us WORK LESS. And ENJOY more!

Do you know that you can enjoy so many things for free?
(You can make your own list starting from nature and sex)

Xenophon observed, “Work takes all the time and with it one has no leisure for the republic and his friends.”

Honestly, if you would have to die tomorrow, do you think you have spent enough time with your friends or republic? Or are you postponing it to your retirement? You know, future is a tricky thing, you never know.

When Alexander the Great approached Diogenes the famous sage in the barrel in Sinop and asked him what he would wish, the sage replied: “Yes, stand out of my sunlight”. Alexander then declared, “If I were not Alexander, then I should wish to be Diogenes.” Not many of those wise people became famous. Because that is not the point.

Taoists thousands of years ago observed that Wu Wei is the most important principle to learn – no action, just being. Action might come as a side effect, but the main modus vivendi to strive for is just BEING. Read Winnie the Pooh in order to understand Wu Wei attitude. Become Winnie the Pooh to practice Wu Wei.

From the childhood your brain most probably has been successfully programmed with proverbs and folktales where the lazy one is being punished. Yes, to work is a very beautiful virtue, but ———— only if you like what you are doing and are not enslaved by the capitalist machinery! If you have a boss – this is already a bad sign. You might be exactly the one in chains. Ooo – aahhh. Wearing a frown?

If you come back home and you are not tired to make love to your beloved or sing songs with your friends might be good signs that you are doing what you want. If this is not the case and you just have guts to watch TV and to feel old – it is time to feel differently before you die!

Now, in case you are sitting in your office, honestly – think how much good and how much bad your job is bringing to the word, on a global scale. How much flying planes, how much plastic, how much bullshit, how much paper, how much talking empty? And how many times you thought you would like to do something that is completely different from what you are doing now? Something that sounds crazy even to you? What would you do if you would have all means in the world?

But then you would say – all nice and good, but what about the money, food, rent? The obvious secret is – there is enough wealth produced already, only it is distributed in a ridiculous way. Here you can read more about the idea of basic income for all. There was a period in the history when people where fighting for more jobs. Since evolution might be a fact, the time might come that we start fighting for no work!

“Work, work, proletarians, to increase social wealth and your individual poverty; work, work, in order that becoming poorer, you may have more reason to work and become miserable. Such is the inexorable law of capitalist production” – Paul Lafargue realized the madness already in 1883 and stated that work ought to be forbidden and not imposed.

Now, when all Europe is struggling for more jobs as it did a century ago, what about realizing this madness and cultivating the mentality of contempt and laziness? In words of Lafargue: “O Laziness, have pity on our long misery! O Laziness, mother of the arts and noble virtues, be thou the balm of human anguish!”

So, if May 1st is labor day, what about June 1st as a day of the RIGHT TO BE LAZY?

On the day of the RIGHT TO BE LAZY just be and see what your being will take you to! Maybe you will end up sleeping, singing in the shower or stage, dancing, cooking, making love, eating, demonstrating, doing cheese, selling juice, doing forex trading, writing a letter, listening to the music, meditating. Whatever!

Eventually your are celebrating it already and for the rest of your life!