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Humans of Basque Country

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So here is a story about these happy guys. The kids, Zohargi (clear sky, 9 years) and Ihortziri (lightning, 4 years), were born in the prison. Some numbers: first 3 years of their lives they spent there with their mother. Their father spent 10 years in prison. Their mother has 20 more years to go. She lives in a cell of 9m2. They can speak to their mother 5 min daily on the phone. They visit her once in a month for 4 hours, driving 1300 km. There are still around 400 political prisoners dispersed in Spanish prisons deliberately far from their homes. Despite the fact that the violent conflict is over, Spanish government refuses to negotiate anything, so the question of political prisoners is being raised just on the walls calling for amnesty #humansofbasquecountry#basques #freethemall

Visit Humans of Basque Country for more stories.



Sleep Signal Concert

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If you are in Berlin, come to this concert.

Soviet Bus Stops

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I do not write much here, because almost everything has been said.

Here is awesome something that feels as if I have done it.

Nothing to be said.

An obsession – brutal, beautiful bus stop design of the former Soviet states from Bushtaxi on Vimeo.


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So, using the precious time having internet connection (before going into the wilds without it) I managed to update, putting a gallery with pictures from Granada. Almost everyday I happen to post a sound recording (a “Sound Letter”) to Soundcloud. I am not sure if it makes sense, but I imagine it could be eventually nice to make a podcast just from the sounds that I record. With no words, just sounds. What do you think? I enjoy them so much – with all the beautiful dissonances of known and unknown artists.

There are so many things to tell that I still keep silent.

UAB Raganos

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puiku, ir vel atsivere verslo nisha marijos zemej

Zaliasis obuolys! Net jei jusu galiojimo laikas pasibaige, uzkande skubiai ir patogiai galimte isspresti jusu potencijos problemas. Ir niekas nebesutrukdys doros seimos kurimui!

Efektyvus lauzai! Skubiai ir patogiai sudeginsime kiekviena desimta zmogu, kuris jums pasirodys nukrypes nuo seimos doroves.

Pirkdami siuos du produktus gausite su 10% nuolaida saules akinius su filtru, kuris isfiltruos jums visas visuomenes nedorybes ir gyvensite roziniame pasaulyje!

Raganu UAB – zinios ir patirtis nuo 1519 A.D. !

Viesieji rysiai ir vaginos

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vel supratau per patirti senai zinota dalyka. mano postas pavadinimi “isimylejimai” susilauke daugiausiai skaitytoju. malonu. numanau, kad jei rasyciau apie vaginas, tai isvis greit i zvaigzdes patektau.

siaip viesieji rysiai mane neviltin varo, nes bandziau susisiekt su visokiais zurnalais ir kt lietuvoj, kad tipo fotkiu atspausdint, tai nieks nieko neatsako. nu pofik. nemoku as PR o. reiks veiklos partnerio ieskotis. gal is jumi kas?

Dede Korkut

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zinau, as biski ekstremiste, tipo jei rasau, tai iskart kruva postu ant sykio.  nu, cia tavo kalte rb.

va cia yra pagrindinis tu senoves turku genciu rastas, epas, dede korkut. jaga.