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The Divine Madman – Audio Book

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Experiencing the hottest day in my life in Delhi (+49 C), finding myself wandering in the pace of a turtle among oozing flies in the Tibetan settlement, trying to find reasons to dwell in the air-conditioned spaces I entered yet another bookstore. The day before leaving India I came across this book. Or it came across me. I could not believe it finally reached me.

The idea of Crazy Wisdom was familiar to me in the form of a gossip about Padhmashambava, Saraha, saints dwelling in charnel grounds and doing all kind of unconventional things..

And now I had the tales of the so called secret teachings in my hands, the sublime life of Drukpa Kunley.  So I read them aloud and recorded it for you to hear. First of all for jhno and Flavio. It is not a perfect recording, but does the job.

I realize that spreading ancient secret teachings might be somewhat irresponsible. On the other hand there is a natural filter – only those who will have patience to listen to it all might get to the core of it.

“Although the clitoris is suitably triangular,
It is ineligible as devil-food for the local god’s worship.
Although love-juice can never dry up in the sun,
It is unsuited for tea to quench thirst.
Although scrotum can hang very low
It is an unsuitable bag for the hermitage’s victuals.
Although a penis has a sound shaft and a large head,
It is not a hammer to strike a nail.
Though endowed with a human body and shapely,
It is not proper to be mistress to the Lord of Death.
Although your mind may be virtuous and pure,
The Buddhas teaching is not accomplished by staying at home.
The teaching of the Tantric Mysteries is most profound,
But liberation cannot be gained without profound experience.
Drukpa Kunley may show you the way,
But you must traverse the path by yourself”.

p. 140 “The Divine Madman. The Sublime Life and Songs of Drukpa Kunley”, Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi, 2000

Chapter I
Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

.. to be continued soon

Happy holidays!