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i’m alive and gods

Posted in English, Middle East, Stories and Tales, Travel diary, World Bike Trip with tags , on 2008-04-22 by candycactus

i guess in average i am most of the time alive. i thought this writing to a blog is maybe a form of perversion – to exibit oneselfs experience for the whole world, hm. on the other hand, if one walks on the roads of the world it is the same. ok, i go for compomise and write here again. but someone smart told me to write short.

kurdish turkey, turkish kurdistan, my blog banned by the “court decision” there, stones and sticks, black fume of the nevroz fire, then trabzon, “no, i am not a prostitute” my frequent answer there, then back to batumi – frogs in the air, mandarines on trees and cows on the roads, the joys i was missing in turkey. the smart black dog in the train station made me think that dogs are most normal people in the humanity.

now – in annas underground writing, the spring does not get through the walls, damn, too much screen and coffee, in few days – armenia by foot. any wishes to bring to the gods? can do this, they will be around.

if you happen to interact with the computer god, tell that it is not fair to make my mac die, and this because of the apple fault? common, too weird to be true. what offerings does one have to bring for computer gods, ugh?