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Is Christmas with Mango still Christmas?

Posted in CandyCactus Music, Downloads, English, Music with tags , , on 2012-12-24 by candycactus

I am not so sure.  Lencois, a town of diamond miners in Chapada Diamantina (Brazil) seems like a hot oven, where you existentially can understand, what it means to be “bahiano”, somebody from Bahia, famous for being less active for the rest of the world (not use the word “lazy”). The world did not finish on 21st of December, but it is definitely finishing. Dry trees. No rain. Tourist coming still in and not noticing the changes, because yes – they were not here before. What am I doing here? Ehmmm. Probably as many other people here looking for peace and quite, away from buzzing buses and robberies and shootings. I will understand later, I think. But now I just know that I miss snow. I terribly miss snow. Here is my song for you and the snow all over the place. This song is called Prieblanda, means dusk. Lyrics by my adored H. Radauskas. Music by me and Jhno. Click and listen. Merry Christmas.