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More interesting things from this part of the world, which is feet of Himalaya. I mean, I do feel a bit like Winnie the Pooh in his detective pursuit to find a Hephalump, check it out.

From Wiki:
“According to Skanda Purana, a rishi called “Ne” or “Nemuni” used to live in Himalaya.[15] In the Pashupati Purana, he is mentioned as a saint and a protector.[16] He is said to have practiced penance at the Bagmati and Kesavati rivers[17] and to have taught his doctrines there too.”

What about the ethymology of the main river in Lithuania “Nemunas”?

The root “mun” means in Sanskrit “wisdom”. In Lithuanian I cannot think of any words that have the same root and bet that the name for Nemunas came from this seer from Himalayas.

Makes a good Hephalump story, doesn’t it?

Pali – Lithuanian – Sanskrit

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Well, it is known that Lithuanian language has maintained immense quantity of words and grammatical forms that are very similar to Sanskrit. Since I am in Nepal I became curious discovering the mindblowing similarities between Lithuanian and Pali, which also has roots in Sanskrit. Here is what I see:

Honey: Madhu (pali) – Medus (lith.)
Who are you?: Ko tvam asi? (pali) – Kas tu esi? (lith.)
When: kada (pali) – kada (lith.)
Eye: Akhi (pali) – Akis (lith.)
Piece: Khanda (pali), to bite – Kanda (lith.)
Village: Gama (pali) – kaimas (lith.)
Foot: Pada (pali), soal – Padas (lith.)
Vehicle: Ratha (pali), wheel – ratas (lith.)
Dog: sunakha (pali), sunekas (lith.)

And so on….